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Fits Like a Bloody Glove

From: Angel in the Back Row


what do you think of the idea of an artist who first makes a study of his victim (devouring every detail of their life, tastes, habits, etc) even befriending them, earning their trust, then killing said victim in a slow tortuous way (maybe get them to love him) and then dips his brushes in the cadaver's heart and paints a picture book from the blood of the one he murdered? a little macabre but I know you have a dark side I see it very well in your art....sort of a Jack the Ripper/Artist....? A deliberate slow murder of innocence would be his trademark....hmm? I think the end of October is indeed the cut-off point for any and all bananas......too exotic in the middle of such a cold world...too ephemeral for this angel, anyway. I love the feeling of eternity present in your art...:)thanks, L (the dying mango)

Last changed: December 11, 2005