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Presentation and Desperate Search for "I know an Old Lady"

From: MaLora Ann, Washington, USA


Hello! I am a creative writing student at WWU and doing a presentation on how Mr. Bantock inspires me to not only write but be creative and dabble in art nd other fascinating areas. So, should anyone have any creative ideas, let me know. I only have two weeks to prepare, but since Bantock has been very prolific and generous with his thoughts and creations, it shouldn't be difficult. Should Bantock himseld read this before October 12th, it would be nice if you would find the time and energy to answer these two simple questions. (I don't want to be a bother) Who inspires YOU as an artist, author? What advice, if any, do you have for artists, authors that are "new to the scene"? That would be most appreciated. Another request: I am searching, so far without hope, for a copy of "I know an Old Lady" the pop-up book. I am a college student, so my funds are limited, but I really love that story. It was the first thing I learned to read. So, please email me if you can:


I am grateful for your thoughts, and hopefully your help.

Sincerely, MaLora Ann

Have Fun!

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