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Groove on... (questions and comments for Mr. Bantock and other knowledgable parties)

From: Mariot - Washington, D.C.


Greetings.. I've just finished reading "The Gryphon" and "The Forgetting Room", and I must say I am once again astounded by the gorgeous stories and artwork. After reading "The Forgetting Room", I actually set off on a sort of quest to discover exactly what "duende" was. I don't mean just a defenition -- that's easy enough to find -- but an *understanding* of the concept. I found it, after much searching in endlessly interesting areas. Along the way I've also discovered that Garcia Lorca is a very amusing poet to say the least. I owe you my thanks for leading me to unexplored literary venues... whether or not you did so knowingly. :-)

On to my questions... Being a budding artist myself, I am curious to know what type of glue you use to do those incredible collages? I'd like to give it a try.. Unfortunately, my school isn't much help -- our art department is in the process of being salvaged from the wreckage created by an art teacher who was, frankly, a bit too conservative in her methods of teaching. The only thing we ever did was "copies of the masters" and painting plastic flowers... which is all very well and good, but not at all creative.

I know I have a terrible habit of rambling and getting off the point, but I have just one more question... This may be the wrong place to ask, but do you happen to know of a college that has a fairly decent art and english department? The universe is presently trying to drag applications out of me, and I'm running out of places to look. :-P

Many thanks, Mariot

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