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a thousand kudos to Nick!!!

From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hey Mr Bantock!! i'm 18 and currently studying in Singapore.by the way, i live here too. i just wanna tell u how much ur books have impacted me in so many ways. i'm totally blown away by the G n S Trilogy. it was the prime factor that led me to search for a correspondence myself and i can say now, how happy and elated i am to have found one. we correspond via email, and though our relationship's not as surreal and enigmatic as G n S, i'm contented enough as i've found an outlet of expression. i read "The Venetian's Wife" recently and i was completely captivated by it!! i sat down in a quiet, sunlit corner in Books Kinokuniya and devoured every single word in 2 hours flat!! the ecstacy and euphoria i felt was indescribable. now, i have this overwhelming desire to read every single one of ur works. the only thing is that i'm a pauper, so the most i can do is to read them at the store, which is quite pathetic and miserly. well, i can't help it, in the light of my financial difficulty and consuming love for ur books. i'm so looking forward to the new trilogy. i had this really bizarre idea not too long ago. i suddenly felt like moving into ur residence and become ur student and apprentice. i feel that u truly r a Genius of our era and i can learn loads from u! besides, i've a keen interest in Art, but i could never do anything like u can. being a true artist has always been my dream, be it in the area of painting, theatre, dance, writing etc... but passion is one thing and talent is another. i would love so much to produce spectacular artwork like u. your works and imagination have inspired me so tremendously beyond words and i can't thank u enough. Yours truly, JER God Bless!!

Last changed: December 11, 2005