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sense of progression

From: Arete, Chicago


Hello, Just was browsing at the Borders in Chicago and saw the new book. I just wanted to mention, as I was reading it, on a general note, it was quite a strange feeling reading this book in public, I looked over my shoulder a couple of times, as I progressed from just an innocent although cynical bystander browsing at postcards on paper to some strange woman voyeur opening up letters. I quickly stopped myself from "browsing" and walked away. I know I will come back and get the book soon. Just a matter of time until my curiosity gets the best of me..Is this the psycology of your books, we are seemingly innocent bystanders open to the wow- factor of fantastic images, but then as we read further some chord of a personal nature asks us to come further along for the ride to not just read the book but involve myself in it? I don't know, and forgive me for taking such a simplistic route to describing your book..But it says something about us doesn't it, that we look at these book covers looking for some answer.. This book plays up that idea in a way, in that it is just a book of covers...and each image and postcard /letter continues a different string of curiousities until we are left at the end wondering, was this a book I read? Arete

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