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a few words

From: Tempest


A short introduction to a few words: I've been wanting to write something to you for a while, and well, it just never seemed a good time. (And of course, when you're writing a letter in your head while in the shower, as soon as you're all dried off, you've pretty much considered the letter written and sent.) And I would have preferred to written a private letter, but my attempts to locate an email address have been in vain, so here I am, rambling away in a public forum.

How it started: I think I was in my early teens when one of my brother's girlfriends lent me the first Griffin & Sabine book to read, and well, that was the beginning of a gentle obsession (I now have nearly all of your books). The trilogy was an eye-opening experience for examing my own art and style...and over a dozen years later, I'm still finding that my favorite method of working is mixed media, and that you're still showing up from time to time in various pieces. (I bet you didn't know you got around so much eh?)

And I find it quite amusing that this week has been filled with all sorts of synchronicity...last night I picked up the G&S Trilogy off my bookshelf and took it to read while taking a bath. (This proved to be a true test of agility, quickness, and balance...the letters that you need to pull out don't make for easy bath reading =)) ..after finishing them, I discovered that my husband had never read the books (gasp!). (He said he just bought them for me...lame excuse). So that's what he's doing right now. And I felt inspired to write you, and lo and behold...there is more to come! (How ever will I contain myself? *grin*)

I have all sorts of questions and thoughts, but I really don't want to bore everyone here...but I am wondering if you'd ever be interesting in a solo show of some of your art? I am the associate director of a fine art gallery that specializes in 18th, 19th, and early 20th century works on paper...but if you're interested, we have no qualms about tucking all of that away (except for a few pieces that may create interesting contrast...for example we have the infamous Harold Edgerton apple picture, which I know you're quite familiar with). We're located in Bristol, RI, which is 20 mins from Providence, home of RISD (the rhode island school of design....both the owner and I are alum's...and pretty much 35% of RI's population).

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm going to attach two of my URL's if you're bored. The first is my online portfolio...the other has my bellydance work. =)


Thanks for your time, and we all look forward to the new books.

Laura Tempest Schmidt laura@crescentmagazine.com

Last changed: December 11, 2005