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Epyptian Jukebox

From: Raven


Shopping in Ann Arbor MI today I stumbled upon something I've been wanting...a copy of the Egptian Jukebox squirreled away in a small shop. Nick, what intriguing "drawers" therein! I think trying to solve the mystery they present will be great fun! I am now on the hunt for your Capolan art box containing the book and postcards....its like hunting for treasures (well, considering the value put on books in my home Nick, they ARE treasures). And this all started with Griffin and Sabine. An artist (pupil-me) to artist (Master-thou) question...do I detect smidges of mica powders in certain images...? Your mysterious work is like food for the soul Nick, and for me it is at two levels, word-food creating images to stoke the appetite of the reader's mind and eye-desert, to tantalize the artistic imagination. Thank you for creating the Egyptian Jukebox. - Raven

Last changed: December 11, 2005