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Was Cornell influential in the development of your artistic style as currently it manifests itself?

From: Raven


Dear Nick, I am absolutely beside myself each and every time I look at your work. I study each piece as if it were a puzzle to be unlocked, a mystery solved, and yet I hope I never solve the mystery! :-) You have been quite inspirational to me and often the act of reading through the Artful Dodger, or thumbing through and gazing at the pictures in the Venetian's Wife will often prompt a late-night flurry of activity in my (modest) studio. Your work intrigues me in the manner that Joseph Cornell's also intrigues me...that sense of mystery and many-layered meaning. Good to see a snail-address (Chronicle Books) to write to you direct. I should like to send you a bit of the fruits of my studio activity! Thank you for gifting us with your most enjoyable work. -Raven

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