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Re: Nick Asks: Who would you like to see cast as Griffin and Sabine?

From: Punchinello / Pennsylvania/United States.


Mr. Bantock,

How nice to get in touch with you at last. I regret this crude electronic medium in place of a proper postcard, but I shall see what I can do to correct that in the future.

On the matter of casting this film, I am somewhat concerned by the suggestions that I have been reading here. Please; I implore you, I adore this trilogy and if you don't exercise some kind of authority over the people involved in it's production they will destroy it.

Hollywood, left to their own devices in this matter, will cast Helen Hunt or Gwyneth Paltrow or the latest pretty face in a throng of miscellaneous simpletons as your "female romantic lead." This would be an unmitigated disaster.Will you be involved in the creative process of the film? Will you have input in choosing the cast? More importantly, will you have input in choosing the director? I hope that you are able to assert some creative control. The idea that this will be an American film leaves me apprehensive. We don't make films here, you see. We make "movies." It is an extremely rare occurence for something cinematic to happen here. American directors are usually more preoccupied with how realistic the dinosaur will look.

Please don't let anyone mollify your creative integrity.

On the matter of the cast...

I have seen a few good ideas for Griffon. I particularly liked Sam Neil; and John Lithgow was unexpected but a very interesting idea.

However the _perfect_ Griffon Moss is Colm Fiore from "Titus" and "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould." He is Gaunt, haunted, intelligent, and potentially mad.

While I love the idea of Isabella Rossalini as Sabine (and I had never heard of the CD Rom prior to finding this web page) I am inclined to make Sabine someone who incorporates qualities of mischeif and "slightly psychic" with the exotic profile of the woman's character. Tilda Swinton from "Orlando" would be wonderful.

And I notice that no one has expressed an interest in casting Frolatti. I nominate Julian Sands from "Boxing Helena" and "Naked Lunch." The man exudes malevolence.

The only problem that I see here is that no one will go to see a film with these three in it because they have never appeared in a film featuring George Lucas.

I reccomend that you consider casting Johnny Depp. Why? Because he can play Griffon. With extraordinary competency. He would probably be interested in the picture as he has a history of working in more cinematic projects; And people will go to see him in a film for some inexplicable reason.

Who is being considered as the director?

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