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From: Amy in San Francisco


Hi everybody.

Nick, I am writing to tell you that someone is selling your designs in rubber stamp form.

I bought a small unmounted sheet of postal designs-- postmarks and whatnot-- on eBay. When it arrived, I found that five of the approx. 25 designs have the word "Capolan" in them, and a few others look suspicious. I am assuming that they do not have your permission to do this, or else you would have publicized it yourself.

This is sad because the uniqueness of your work, for me, inspires one's own individualism. And stealing your designs for a rubber stamp to be used in someone else's artwork is just ugly. It's the outright stealing that bothers me, I guess.

Anyway, if this is something you would like to know more about, please write to me at abecedarienne@yahoo.com and I will give you the contact info of the company who made the sheet. (I'd rather not say it publicly in case they are not at fault or something.)

Thanks for the all the beautiful books that make me green with envy, Amy aka l'Abecedarienne. http://www.abecedarienne.com

Last changed: December 11, 2005