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Re: breathing island

From: nicolas in long beach


it's funny but i recently took one of those forks in the road, and few followed me, but when one of my friends comes over they always say "hi, nick's house." i live in the smallest studio imaginable, filled with books, an apprentice rug from northern india, small mirrors from marrakesh, my easil and my art litters the place, a series of impossible cityscapes set against an impossible sky. i realize that this lifestyle is some other person's illusion. and that when i step out of it i need to consciously act to fit into the "world" in some acceptable form, but never really seem to act in it. it doesn't seem to have much to do with me...and i don't know what that means. it's a hard act to escape when you realize that you would be better off two thousand years ago selling birds in some market place, strung up on a line, shouting words in a language you can't help to understand (these are my dreams, o'course). hmmm...when the gay skinhead across the alley hung a flag in the window i printed out warhol's mao paintings to put in the window...i wanted a visual dialogue....thanks for replying. TVstatic@aol.com

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