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Re: breathing island

From: Arete, Chicago


Nicholas, I often have this fear. It's a small one, but one that stops me from doing things-just for the hell of it. It's the thought that, while I am feeling good and awash in a ideal of what I think I know, partially knowing that there is another way to think of something, but keeping that thought tucked away-- That I will walk this illusive path for many years, and one day, my ignorant bliss will lead me to a fork in the road- A small thought that tells me, you are alone on this road, and no one came with you..Illusion, I like it, and like to visit it, but to stay in that state, is I think, can be sweet but also brutal at times. It's a choice to adventure into a state of your own 'Willing suspension of disbelief'....Most people live a fine line between the reality and illusion, I think I like to live a little in both homes, like a kid whose parents have joint custody. To tie this in to this chat room..I think Nick's books just happen to be on the shelves on one of those houses that I like to visit.

Thanks, Arete.

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