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From: vera  sao paulo brazil


Dear Nick!

I received a gift, from a very special person, last year. It was the CD Ceremony of Innocence. I almost faint when I passed thru it. You know why? Because we lived, on real life, exactly the same as Sabine and Griffin.When I say the same is that the details were almost the same.... But it was amazingly and incredible similar! I only understood better how this could happen after reading an interview of yours where you said that you were on junguian therapy...you and I have enjoyed and took interest for many similar signes.I understood about the coincidence as a syncronicity that Jung explains so well. Anyway......At that time I wished madly to meet you and talk to you about.... I wished to write to you a real letter (telling you all the details) (but I dont have your address) etc....and I imagine that many people must try do to the same. No? So...I give up.But now I found this chat room and found very nice if you will read me. You became part of my life since then, I feel a tremendous cumplicity with you even if we dont know eachother... Hope you will read this and let me know.... kiss and wishes of lots inspirations to you. Vera Lopes (email:vera.lopes@uol.com.br

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