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Re: sorry

From: Lizzy, USA


Whew. You all had me worried there for one moment. I thought, perchance, that this was the new beginning of a story untold...unravelling before our very eyes. You know...the famous author and illustrator hosts a chat room and a message suddenly appears from across the world, and it seems as if this fellow has met the author but...has he? In reality? Was this a dream? (Laughing here) Hey! This COULD happen! Love this room, Nick. By the way, I used the Limited Edition stamps the other day, decorated a bland cd label and stuck it on one of those free cd's you get in the mail for pc's....wrote a message on the back and posted it in the mail. My friend (who is also a Griffin and Sabine fan) was totally enamored...thanks for sharing your unique talents in this fashion. I love my stamps!

Last changed: December 11, 2005