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for the beauty of your books.

From: jasmine from sarasota


i keep a diary at diaryland, and i did a search there to see who has you as a favorite author. which is how i found camille's diary. she just recently wrote a glowing entry about your writing, and i signed her guestbook, gushing like i tend to do when i hear mention of you. and she wrote in my guestbook saying you replied to her email, so i decided if you replied to hers you must read your email, so yay! so i decided to see if there was a nickbantock.com and there is, and i found her message to you, which expresses my opinions as well, but i'd like to go on a bit, as well.

i first discovered the griffin and sabine books when i was in 8th grade. i can't remember exactly where i found them, but it was shortly after they'd all been published. i read them all in the bookstore because i couldn't afford them. and i couldn't quite understand them all, but i'd obviously found something really special. i told my english teacher about it, not at all sure how to pronounce sabine's name (i still stutter a bit when i say it, afraid i'll mispronounce it), and she was excited for me that i had found your books. years passed. i only own venetian's wife and the first g&s book. reading the venetian's wife, i too clutched it to my chest. for me it was like it had opened something in my heart, and i needed to hold it close to that spot. but what i meant to tell you, and i won't be able to describe it well at all, but i wanted to tell you about the incredible joy and comfort i find in your books. one of the best experiences i've had in 2001 is lying with my head in my girlfriend's lap as she read all three books to me. that doesn't express it at all. but your books are as familiar and mysterious to me as my breath. thank you.

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