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Re: Nick asks: What happens next

From: Arete, Chicago


Here I go again... :) Well, I have noticed something..We are all Griffin and we are all Sabine. Mr. Bantock, you are a collector of foreign objects per se, you collage these items that are seemingly inconsequential individually and create a unified picture that in all its faces says something beautiful. Why not do the same with us. Why not create a forum of stories and poems for one character, a character who has so many sides, he or she is infinite. Why not open up your collecting abilities to people from all over the world..to combine to one computer character's diary, with people's entries as anonymous as, say "Arete from Chicago"... There are alot of ideas out there, and alot of stories to be told. Wouldn't it be interesting if with a given theme what people could come up with?


Last changed: December 11, 2005