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From: amathya


otherland by tad williams... thats what i thought of when you asked... is it really just a game? Real life and the illusions that we create for ourselves... the cards are images... brought up before us on our computer screens, but are they real? Is the game real or do we pretend it is? There's nothing tangible about a bunch of fake images floating over ones monitor, but the meanings, and the quotations would say differently. There is no illusion... and we are sitting here, reading through each chosen card... each question and quoted response, so maybe it is real, real to me as it is to you... Not a game, but simply as real as anything else. Photography... is it the epitomy of reality, an exact 'representation?' or is it just an illusion... the illusion that we can fix a point, or make a replica, of the reality we know?

or maybe this has been a useless moment of everyones time ^^* otherland you ask? in the novel, the characters live in a futuristic age where RL (real life) and the simulated environments inside computers become blurred. When people find a way to walk around in a fake, computer based environment through technology ie. headsets, in early developmental stages, some forget that they're hooked up to the net... one can't drink simulated water to survive... the body isn't joined to the machine... hmmm... and that would bring me to ghost in the shell... or whatever else... digression digression ^^

all in all... i enjoyed the cards... yes... tarot... but with the name Oracle in the title, well, thats just what i thought of!! This ancient woman in robes, African, handing me these cards as I chose them... she really enjoyed watching my reaction to each as i scrambled to figure out the meanings ^__~


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