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Quark & Zip

From: Corliss in Hallowell, Maine


Nick, I finally entered cyber-world this week. Being a long-time fan of your work, one of the first sites I looked for was yours. I wonder if you remember your last correspondence with me? It's been several years...I wrote to you about a year-long art project I was doing with my advanced art students and the advanced students in another high school. Quark & Zip; A Collaborative Corresondence - inspired by your G & S trilogy. The kids chose pen names and corresponded via original post cards with another art student at the other school for the entire school year...They finally met at an exhibit of their art-cards at a local gallary at the end of the school year. You sent post cards to distribute to the students.We had a blast with this project...Thank you, again for your inspiration. I continue to give your books as gifts to all of my friends and work to complete my Nick Bantock collection...(One of my friends has also become an avid collector.) I have been a pop-up collector for many years, and have added almost all of yours to my collection. I am so excited to find out that you are writing another trilogy AND G&S will be a film! Too much!!

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