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Re: SAGE and Tao Te Ching

From: Nicci


Hey Sandra! Ling Chi'Ching is this fortune telling game I made when I was about eleven. My mum had bought me a book about it. "Sage" made me think of it. Its made of 12 little round wooden chips, with red engravings for earth, man, heaven. I made a set of the pieces out of wood that had been struck by lightening just like it instructed in the book. I swear that game really did work! I once frightened my friend half to death when reading her fortune, hers was titled 'Ching Pu' (Fright and Terror), she claims to this day that after I told her fortune she had the worst week of her life. Perhaps the gods liked me more, out of all the other fortunes mine was always "ch'ang chi" (glorious auspiciousness). And considering my luck for the last few years i think it came true :), someone wanted to buy one of my pieces yesterday!!

I used to read Lao Tsu too! That was probably around the same time I made the game, I was going through one of my fazes of learning everything I could about a certain culture. well, see you later, Nicci

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