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Re: SAGE: the oracle versus the game

From: Monica in Montreal


This discussion about whether or not SAGE is a 'game' is fascinating. When I consult the SAGE it reminds me of a Tarot reading, especially when I pull a single card to reflect upon. Now I suppose that Tarot can be considered a card game, but I find that it consistently provides me with profound and personal insights. It is uncanny how meaningful answers to my questions appear from a random card selection. SAGE also reminds me of a ZEN tool called a Koan, which is an unanswerable riddle posed to a spiritual seeker by the Zen Master. Enlightenment occurs when your thinking mind gives up. Or in the words of Ramana Maharshi I quote: "Realization is not something new to be acquired. It is already here but obstructed by a screen of thoughts."

Last changed: December 11, 2005