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From: Nick


I'm all for games, physical and mental. I've been playing both since I was tiny. No it's a concern I have (maybe paranoid) that the questions we ask ourselves are our only true protection against commercial and political manipulation, and if we succumb to cynicism or endulgent indifference then we become easy meat for those who wish to play with us. I realize that that wasn't what Andrew was saying (correct me if I'm wrong Andrew) but the prevelant social mind frame scares me. In Sage there is no specification about how to use it. And so the e-age standard resonse says OK, lets hit the tiles and keep on hitting them, question and answer, question and answer, till the random nature of the response looses it's capacity to awaken insight. In other words the reverse of its best possible use. I'm not defending Sage--it's been designed to be what it is for whoever comes accross it, but I am arguing against the notion (faily widely held) that a game is only a series of rapid stimulations used purely for the purpose of entertainment, or at best improving dexterity. Absolutely you have the right to deny one answer over another. But can I suggest you try it differently a few times: Accept the question, accept the answer and ponder both for a day. See what emerges. I promise I'm not being too serious, I'm just encouraging multiple thoughts? NB

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