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To Nick, take a look if you have a sec...

From: "Dragonfly" in Ocala, Florida


Would love your personal opinion on a project of mine. Know you get millions of questions like this, so I will not be offended if you cannot. Not asking for a public endorsement - if I am lucky enough that you find the time, you can reply to me at mamadfly@yahoo.com - just looking for feedback from someone I consider a peer.

I am a freelance artist (14 yrs) and have been an artistamper for a little over a year now. I have as of yet to track down a copy of Capolan locally, :::pout::: but have heard of it and that you incorporated artistamps from your own issuing authority.

I would love it if you could view (regardless of whther you reply or not) the EXTREMELY meager beginnings of a personal project of mine at:


My nickname is Dragonfly, hence Odonatia (variation on the Odonata species name for dragonfly).

Thanks for your time. :) Be well...

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