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From: Arete, chicago


I was staying late at work when I took a look at Sage. It reminded me of a phrase I always think of.."lips that would kiss form prayer to broken stone" Is our path to perfection sometimes our downfall? our tunnel vision that disallows life to happen. I am waxing poetic again, but this is like the shuffle of cards, a tarot reading of sorts, that should supposedly tell our future, although with such a beautiful sentiment it should not be in the form of a computer image, as the image is a deterrent. We need to hold the cards. I hope you are using Sage as a prototype for actual cards some voyager might be finding along a travel...metaphysical or not... Although, I think you have a made another connection here, of the Boundaries of Voyeurism, Art and media. Your virtual tarot cards are exactly that. Lastly, Shouldn't they complete the fortune? IF that is what you are starting to create..a series of statements that are lifted up and tucked away into memory, why shouldn't we be lead down paths by these cards within a virtual game... Is this the beginning of something bigger? A larger body of work? A book, or CD-Rom Game?

Thanks, Arete

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