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Re: New Signed/Number box of stamps

From: Nick Bantock


Jan I share your frustrations big time. The system of taxation on material passing through US/Candian customs is beyond even my dark sense of humor. Most of the shippers won't even deal with this country because of the absurdity of our laws. If you don't feel the box is worth all the extra costs I can quite understand that. I just want to say in the defence of Leigh Edwards who runs Limited Editions that it wasn't her fault that the price became so inflated. I gather she's already written to assist you, should you choose to return the box, and I hope that that will take the sting out of your frustrations. Having said that--I fully expect that the signed and numbered special wooden and copper box sets (500 in total) will be fetching a lot more than $110can on E-Bay within a few years. The little pop-up books that had a print run of 25000 are selling at 500% to 800% of their original selling price. All the best Nick

Last changed: December 11, 2005