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Re: Nick Asks: Who would you like to see cast as Griffin and Sabine?

From: Diane in New York City


I think that Sting would make a fantastic Griffin. He has a naturally "mysterious" look to him that would fit in perfectly.

As for Sabine, I don't think she should be too "traditionally" pretty, but someone who is pretty in a "quirky" sort of way. For example, Gwynneth Paltrow is too perfect and pure-looking, and also too young IMO. Hmmm, perhaps I should re-read the trilogy... I never imagined Sabine with very dark hair, more like an ashy blonde or light brown, perhaps because to me it is a German/Scandinavian name ("sah-bee-nah" rather than "sah-bean" or "say-bean").

What is the correct pronunciation of Sabine in these books, anyway? When they finally make the movie, what will it be?

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