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Re: NICK ASKS: Voyerism

From: Lizzy USA


I am sullenly aware that most medias have let down their walls, we see so much these days in the films and there's so little left to the imagination. Remember the old movies where, when an act of violence occurred, the camera moved politely to the left and only showed shadows of motion? Our imaginations showed us what we were capable of seeing, and only showed us what we could handle, rendering it somewhat bearable and more non-intrusive. I think that a diary/or piece of personal correspondence is only as sacred and personal as the reverence of the person whose hands it rests in. I've saved old family letters and paperwork dating back to the 1860's, and to me those papers and letters represent more than the message that was intended on the surface. When I read them I can see my great-grandfather sitting down to write it, and can only imagine the time of day, what was going through his mind, and guess at the subliminal messages that might lie within. A personal hand written note says so much...and can be interpreted in so many ways...but then that's me. Some people just don't/can't see it that way. Tell me this. Holding a piece of journalism in your hands...whether it's G&S or an old letter from my family, is it really voyeuristic? I mean, the desire to interpret and absorb it? Yes, I guess it IS part of the thrill of G&S, but I enjoyed the story and the activity that it brought to my imagination so much that I never really felt like an outsider looking in. I felt rather priveleged, really, and was instantly absorbed. I suppose this was too long a thought but there ya go. Thanks for your time!

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