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Re: NICK ASKS: Voyerism



forgive me as i'm always long-winded when surrounded by like-minded people. moment: a one room apartment with creaking floors and leaking roof, ocean air through the windows, galaxy 500 on the stereo. sort of like fonzie's place if he was obsessed with books, religion, and art. I think real "life" tv doesn't truly approach voyeurism. It's only thrill is that it isn't rehearsed or format predictable. The act of voyeurism is different when watching exhibitionists, who are aware of being watched. It is not terribly different from the talk shows that have developed in the last twenty years, but with a different set, different modus operandi (?). What we witness is the display of a role that has been rehearsed for a lifetime. We witness action without thought, emotion, process, or intent. Griffin and sabine is engaging because it presents these things from people who are baffled by their own responses to the unexpected, and have no idea what they will do next. They are presented with their own spectacle, and are hesitant about the consequences of their reactions. Genuine emotion with meaningful consequences, not the possibility of instant fame that lasts a single season run. G&S is different because these people understand privacy, the holy, and understand that any declaration of love has the capacity to destroy. What intrigues me more is witnessing these thoughts, these repetitions of images, and wondering when a personal heirarchy of meaning approaches fetishism. I look at my own collages, with jelly fish and dragonflies and dostoyevsky, and think only a fetishist could understand these obsessions, could only make the random connections necessary to find me in. any comments please contact me. indefinition@excite.com

Last changed: December 11, 2005