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Re: NICK ASKS: Voyerism

From: Arete, Chicago


Well, if the question is about showing too much in the shows we are seeing, Survivor, Temptation,etc. then I don't think it's an issue if we are seeing too much. We are not seeing enough. When you watch a show such as that it seems you are taking things to a base level: one's basic need for survival, lust,living with an idiot for a month, etc. What are we seeing? It's all on the surface. How can that compare to what is written in a book or painted in a picture. We are seeing a blatant act versus an interpretation of it. I like to think I am a voyeur of art. I love beauty, I see art and I want it, and I want to understand more of the mystery of it. Reality TV is all about voyeurism of people, to play up their frailities or strength (but mostly frailties), etc.

I think you can take the voyeurism of Art to any and all levels that you want and it will be opening a new door. The beauty in it is that the more you see the less you know....the more you read the more questions arise.. Lastly, the media is exploring new lows in manipulating people for the people, but we aren't interacting with them. I think the reality with your books is in the sincerity in which you display fantasy, and let it us interact with it. That is a new concept that is an altogether different animal than reality tv, so for us, please write on...

Sincerely, Arete

Last changed: December 11, 2005