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Griffin & Sabine - A new Bible for me?

From: Lakewood Colorado


Mr. Bantcock, Though I have not read a single book in the Griffin and Sabine books I have heard nothing but the best there is to hear. I first heard of the book in November and was in awe of the the way it was described. A book where you actually experience the characters and feel what they felt. I left Montana as I was only there for the holidays, Just yesterday a woman came in to work with your book. I told her it looks just like this wonderful book I heard so much about. I thought it was her journel. She tell me this is the book and we end up spending 20 minutes looking and reading this book. I finally get your name and the title and order the G & S Trilogy online. They said it would get to me in 1-2 months. I needed it now. So I bought every book you published that was available and had it sent to me right away. I hope to recieve it soon, as I can only imagine the journey that awaits me. Thank you for being such a creative artist as I will update you as I read your books for the first time. Will Thornburg

Last changed: December 11, 2005