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Re: Non-Digital Art

From: Nick Bantock


Hi Morandini, No digitals. I like to work with paint and torn paper. I like the feel of working on the floor circling my pictures, watching them grow. As for the survival of non digital — photoshop will probably dominate many artist's toolboxes, but personally I find the open ended possibilities often lead to attractive blandness.

Conversely when you employ the swing from chaos to order (and back again) that occurs when physical involvement with objects (particularly accidents) are employed — the results are so different.

A digital file can be saved and revisited, but a physical collage demands a greater risk-concentration and thus includes an in-built willingness to let go.

I'm not resistant to change, far from it, but no matter how good the tool,in the end you have to return to the source.

There's a chapter in 'The Artful Dodger' all about the way I work on collage. Also there's an article/interview in the latest edition of Somerset Studios Magazine,that covers the thinking behind my process. Thanks for being so interested. All the best - Nick

Last changed: December 11, 2005