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"Christmasized" Cornell -- Somerset Studio Article

From: slbailey


Nick (if I may be so bold), I just read your interview in Somerset Studio magazine (Nov./Dec. 2000, an excellent rubber stamp/papercrafts/etc. magazine for those not familiar.) You observed something I have noticed too, that a lot of collage makers today, especially those (like me) influenced by Joseph Cornell (and you!), have an unfortunate tendency to "prettify" their work. Too many beautiful materials, too little cohesiveness to the final piece. (Those are my observations, perhaps you don't agree.) But in your opinion, is it POSSIBLE to keep "pretty" without it becoming saccherine? (I'd like to think the feminine experience, some of which IS "pretty", can have dignity and strength in art, and that it isn't essential to "get dirty" and masculine (and dark) in order to say something aesthetically. But I admit, I haven't quite figured out HOW!) Anybody have thoughts on this?

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