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Re: Nick Asks: What is your favorite image from my books?

From: Susan - Knox, PA


Not so much an image really - but the permission given to read the mail of a person I would like to know. To live vicariously through someone else's adventures that are far more romantic and exciting than any I could actually be a part of. Colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and textures have always fascinated me. It is amazing to think that in regards to our own alphabet, we all have the same 26 letters to choose from. And yet no two people ever utilize them in the same way. Why is it that you can say something in one sentence that sums up emotions I could never express in pages and pages. Why is it that I can put two colors together on a piece of paper and add a few words that touches someone to the point that they cry? I could go on and on but I won't. For some strange reason. You have been given an incredible gift that not only allows some of us to grow as creative individuals, but also you pave the way for those of us who tend to look at things a little differently. Your expression has made our "affliction" acceptable. Perhaps my view is slightly jaded because I live in rural America. Modern art is often considered to be tole painting with vivid colors instead of pastels. Your images make me want to climb inside and revel in the beauty and the comfort. Like a blanket for the soul. Thanks for the warmth!

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