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Isabella Rosalini & Ralph Fiennes

From: Nicci (in dreary Connecticut)


Those are my picks, I'm sure they have been said before though. They might be too old, but then I've never been a good judge of age. Will there really be a Griffin and Sabine movie? I'd like to discuss directors if I could. I've always liked the director of the Secret Garden and the Little Princess (I know, they are both childrens movies, but I'm not very old anyway), both of those movies have a very tropical feeling to them. Which comes from the director's obsession with India.

Well, I think that a Griffin&Sabine movie would be very hard to do, because most of it is about the art, but it still would be interesting to see. I'm awaiting the Harry Potter movies (If J.K Rowling hasn't let it get botched up). Best Wishes, Nicci

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