Book Artful Dodger


Nick Bantock brings new meaning to the art of autobiography with The Artful Dodger: Images and Reflections, in which he infuses the tale of his professional and artistic life with warmth and wit. Funny, idiosyncratic, and full of insight into the creative process, The Artful Dodger book is a behind-the-scenes tour of Bantock's lifework. It surveys the vast and varied territory that Bantock's work encompasses: from his English art school days to paperback book covers, pure abstract experimentation to pop-up books, the creation of Griffin & Sabine and his most recent work. Bantock's own words lend a highly personal, often revealing, always entertaining angle to more than 350 resplendent images. As rich in life as it is in art, The Artful Dodger reveals the creative range of a modern master. Learn more by reading the Artful Dodger's Excerpts.